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ICOLD Symposium on "Benefits and Concerns about Dams"

Dresden, September 13, 2001

Closing remarks by C.V.J. Varma, President of ICOLD:

Ladies and gentlemen,

We have experienced a very interesting and useful discussion. Like the water stressed countries, we are now time-stressed.

So, this is by and large what we propose to do: we have constituted a committee in the ICOLD, as was already mentioned by Prof.Lafitte and would like to examine the various aspects. But as Prof. Asmal quoted me from one of the journals, the intention is that the WCD guidelines should not be thrust down through unwilling parched throats. This applies to any report.

This is what I have been trying to explain. And then, the transparency that it proposed throughout the entire WCD Report - the terms should be transparent because that way they can achieve much more objectivity rather than by forcing. Regarding their attitude and not having the transparency is very obvious through the presentation they have made.

You have seen how non-transparent they have been in finalizing their report. As a matter of fact, even ICOLD which was a forum member did not have a copy of the report except after it was released. This speaks volumes about the transparency of the WCD report.

Thank you very much.